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Read your RSS (and Twitter) feeds in Pocket

RSS to Pocket has been discontinued
Sorry, but RSS fetching has become too resource intensive for my poor server to handle alone.
That, and IFTTT now has a nice recipe that can do the exact same thing.
I've been using it myself for a while, and it works the same, and sometimes better, than this service here, which I'm sorry to say has now been discontinued.
So starting today, all your RSS feeds will NOT be sent to Pocket anymore, and subscribing to any new feed will do nothing (except add it to your custom OPML that you can still export below).
Note that the Github repository still has the RSS fetching functionality enabled, so if you want to install RSS-for-Later on your own server, you can continue using this

There is no Twitter > Pocket recipe on IFTTT (yet), so I'll keep that feature up, in case anyone else than me still use it. That's pretty low-maintenance anyway. (And I'm still using it!)